This page provides several links to available documentations regarding TFEL and MFront, which are fairly detailed. Unfortunately, most of these materials are written in French. They also mostly refer to versions 2.0.x, and thus do not describe .

For a new (English speaking) user, we would highly recommend:

For spanish users, Jordi Alberich have written “A spanish introduction to MFront and Salome-MECA”, which is available here.





A github repository has been set up to store various documents describing TFEL and MFront usage. The talks of the first and second MFront Users are available there:

Solver interfaces


Helfer, Thomas, Bruno Michel, Jean-Michel Proix, Maxime Salvo, Jérôme Sercombe, and Michel Casella. 2015. “Introducing the Open-Source Mfront Code Generator: Application to Mechanical Behaviours and Material Knowledge Management Within the PLEIADES Fuel Element Modelling Platform.” Computers & Mathematics with Applications.